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"A tree with strong roots laughs at storms." Malay proverb

Enchanted by the sea. Shamanic drumming in itself take one to an out of the ordinary experiences, ye
Life is a ceremony
Life is a ceremony.

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Reclaim Your Empowerment

  • To answer any questions

  • Introduction to Shamanism. to book

    25 British pounds
  • Voyage to Another Realm. Email to book

    50 British pounds
  • Sacredness through ritual. to book


    Starting at £ 7 PP
  • Voyage to your new era to book

    100 British pounds
  • Exploring the magic! Email to book


    7 British pounds
  • Rid of unwanted entities. to book

    100 British pounds
  • Heal wounds of the past Email to book

    70 British pounds
  • Land has its own spirits. to book

    88 British pounds
Image by Sebastian Unrau